Committees at Work

Committee Name Date Formed Date Expired
Community Outreach Committee March 2006 Standing
Executive May 2007 Standing
Benefits Committee Sept 2007 Standing
Anniversary Committee Aug 2004 Mar 2005
Peace Committee Standing Standing
Cultural Committee Aug 2002 Standing
Property Committee Jun 2003 Standing
Website Committee Apr 2004 Standing



Current Executive Committee:

Alex Moses (President)

Maurice Adagboyin (Vice President and General Secretary)

Elder Nosa Iyase (Financial Secretary)

Joe Ehizode (PRO)

Samuel Oseghale (Social Secretary)

James Ikeakhe (Treasurer)

Efosa Ikponwosa (Provost)

Mandate: Executive Duties in Constitution
Report(s): Executive 2008, Executive 2007, Executive 2006, Executive 2003-2005, Executive 2001-2003, Executive 1999-2001, Executive 1997-1999


Outreach Committee:

Ambrose A. OkundayeJames Olu OginiSamuel Oseghale
Mandate: Outreach Policies
Forms: Application Form


Anniversary Committee:

Members: Assembled as needed
Mandate: Plan and Organize Anniversary 2004
Report(s): Anniversary 2005 Report, Anniversary 2004 Report, Anniversary 2003 ReportAnniversary 2003 Members & Budget


Benefits Committee:

Samuel Oseghale (chairman)
Mandate: Administer all due benefits to eligible members as per constitution
Report(s): Benefit Policies 2003-2005, Benefit Policies 2001-2002


Peace Committee:

Current: Alex moses (chairman), Joe ehizode, Gabriel idemudia, Efosa Ikponwosa
Mandate: Make sure members are at peace with one another at all times
Report(s): 2001-2002


Cultural Committee:

Joe Ehizode(Chairman)James Ogini, Maurice Adagbonyin, Egbe Iyamu-Aigbe, Joy Oseghale, Anderson Osagie, James Ikheake, Gabriel idemudia, Esther Wolfe
Mandate: To choreograph and perform traditional songs and dances on EFOBA organized events and other paid invitations
Report(s): List of performances to date for the latest in African costume and dance, the Edo Cultural Dance Troupe is there to see. For more information, contact Alex Moses @ (778)883-6472.


Property Committee:

Maurice Adagboyin
Mandate: To keep track and record details of all Association-owned property, their custodian(s) and estimated dollar value
Report(s): Property List as of 2004


Website Committee:

Ambrose A. Okundaye (Chairman), Eniye Porbeni (Editor), Solomon Okonta (Webmaster)
Mandate: Keep website information accurate and updated. Brainstorm for ideas for continuous improvement of website.
Report(s): You are looking at it! Please email us if you have comments or suggestions
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