Activities of Edo Friends of BC Association

Community Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Awareness, and Treatment
programs: We organize this event quarterly for immigrants, refugees and
other Canadians with the support of Cancer Agency.
Community Diabetes Screening Program: We organize diabetes-screening
events for immigrants, refugees and other Canadians regularly with the help
of the Diabetes Association.
Computer Training Services: Our volunteers provide basic computer and
internet training for all new immigrants, refugees and Low income Canadians
in an environment that is conducive for those using the computers for the first
Youth Programs: We organize social events, sporting activities and
homework club for new immigrants, refugees and Low Income Canadian
youths. Community Access Center passes are provided in various cities in the
Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley by the association to these youths. Our
youth civic engagement program that provides group-based training and
volunteer activities for immigrant youth ages 14 to 20 helps them to integrate
into the Canadian Society with less barriers.
Settlement and Integration Services: We assist Lower Mainland and Fraser
Valley new immigrants and refugees in finding accommodation, doctors,
schools for children, furniture, banking services, libraries, shopping centers
and everyday transportation needs
Interpretation and Translation Services: Our volunteers provide interpretation
and translation services to all African immigrants and refugees in both the
Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. In addition, we have a part time
Arabic and Swahili Language speaking outreach workers to help the Arabic
and Swahili Speaking immigrants & refugees from the Middle East and East
Africa Countries.
Community Outreach Programs: These programs help new immigrant and
refugee families to become more independent by providing guidance, counseling
and referrals thereby reducing the barriers caused by language,
education and cultural differences.
Children Programs: We bring new immigrant and refugee children and
families together to have fun, make friends, learn new parenting skills, share
experiences, and for some to recover from trauma they experienced in
refugee camps.
Employment Services: Our employment counselor volunteers help our new
immigrants and refugees one on one basis to increase their chances of being
successful in the work place and job market.
Cultural Program: Organizing a yearly two day Africa Musical and Cultural
Festival Event that benefit New Immigrants, Refugees and Canadian Society at
Large. City of Burnaby is supportive of this program by offering yearly the
Confederation Park for our use. Many Immigrant Communities display their
talents at this event and also create opportunities for us to highlight Canadian
Aboriginal Culture, Arts, and Folk Dance. Once a week, we organize story-
telling forum for both Canadian and Immigrant Communities in Surrey, BC.