An Entrepreneur With Vision

A lot of people dream, only a few can see the dreams turn to reality. For Bobby, Proprietor of Vancouver Cardboard Disposal, the zeal to own a business and make a success out of it, made him to set up his cardboard recycling business six years ago. Like a seed, the business has developed into an oak tree since its inception.After six years as a paid employee, I thought I have had enough. I felt if I can put in half of what I have done for others, there was no reason my business will not succeed” Bobby remarked. With this determination, he went about setting up the business.

However, the first challenge was the ability to make the first move and learning the ropes of the business of recycling. Luck came his way when he found a friend who wanted to sell his business. After buying the business, his friend introduced him to the main depots in the city – something that made the initial take off smooth. The second task was the ability to raise the initial capital, but being a very prudent fellow he was able to do that without much problem.

Today Bobby can take a census of workers that have gone through his employ, and beat his chest with satisfaction that his company has lived up to its social responsibility as a corporate citizen in British Columbia. The sky, he says, is the limit. He has his sight on setting up his own recycling plant in the near future

Bobby who immigrated from Nigeria in l993, said his business, apart from ridding the city of the menace of cardboard waste, was also “helping the city’s recycling drive project. “Let’s look at it this way; apart from getting rid of cardboard waste, I am helping to pursue the city’s goals to recycle rather than waste products. In effect I am using one stone to kill two birds” he said with a grin.

Bobby is married to pretty Kate, and they have two wonderful sons: Ikponmwonsa and Osaruonamen.