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Assisting New Immigrants in the Vancouver Area

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Welcome to Edo Friends


We are a non-profit charity organization dedicated to better quality of life for all Canadians. Our founders were a group immigrants from the Edo region in Southern Nigeria, hence our name Edo Friends of BC.
The purposes of the Association are:
To promote sound intercultural relationships to all Canadians
To promote the integration and orientation of new immigrants & Refugees
To enhance unity amongst all Canadians.
To promote the economic, social, and emotional well of all
To create a common forum for public discussions.
To provide Education, counseling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need including language instruction, employment training,
job search program, Language Interpretation & translation services and Information programs in the Canadian society.
To encourage and support the activities of other organizations that engage in the promotion of equality and human rights both in and outside Canada.
To advocate and support social equality for disadvantaged person(s)/communities.
To promote African and Canadian Cultures to all Canadians.
We able to provide these services through our network of volunteers, dynamic administrator and part-time staff member.
Finally, we invite you to learn more about our services and activities here on our website. You can contact us through any of the methods available on our contact page.

Covid 19 Support Services

To our Immigrant and Refugee Communities, we are here for you. Please call us at 604-802-0116 or email at edofriendsofbc1@gmail.com for all your family needs (Food, Hygiene, wellness, Family and Children Issues, and other Services). Know that we are here to support you and in it together.



A heat warning is in effect in many parts of BC. Please make sure to stay hydrated, spend time in cool spaces and check in on your loved ones and neighbours, especially seniors.

To learn more about heat illness and how you can stay safe, please see: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthlinkbc-files/heat-related-illness

The best way to ensure your safety and the safety of your community is to share this information so it reaches as many people as possible. The content below is for everyone to share on their social media accounts – the wider the message goes, the better it is.

HEAT WAVE WARNING (multi-lingual) – graphics attached

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCProvincialGovernment/posts/4781046651913589
Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/BCGovNews/status/1420826649956782080
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR7DCYzscp_/

Thank you for doing your part to ensure all British Columbians stay safe. Your support and leadership in communities across the province is greatly appreciated.

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We invite you to be part of our next Seniors’ Computer, Internet & Social Media Literacy Program. See the flyer below for details



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