A Brief History of Edo Friends of British Columbia Association

Mr. Festus Igbinegie and Mr. David Omobowie together started the idea of Edo people in British Columbia forming a community. Mr. David Omobowie hosted the first meeting on April 27, 1997 and was attended by the following people, Banabas Odebisi, David Omobowie, Festus Igbinegie, Bobby Osagie, Kate Osagie, Frank Amadasun, Michael Ologhola, John Obasohan, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Aiwekhoe, Kingsley Uhunmwangho, Osakue Ukponrefe, and Moses Osakhuwomwan.

The first executive council members that were appointed are as follows:

John Obasohan – Executive Chairman
Banabas Odebisi – Executive Secretary

At this initial stage, our bi-weekly meeting was just a forum for the Edo people to get together and have fun, share ideas and share a meal together. The money contributed towards this endeavor was given to whoever hosts the members the following month. The meeting date was later changed to the first Saturday of every month. The first official election in the newly formed association, created some problems that resulted in more than half of the membership walking away from the association.

The Rebirth of the Association:

Bobby Osagie and Osakue Ukponrefe were instrumental in the rebirth of the association. The following members were present at the REBIRTH first meeting: David Omobowie, John Obasohan, Victor Osifo, Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Osagie, Osakue Ukponrefe, Kingsley Uhunmwangho, and Moses Osakhuwomwan.

The following members acted as executive members:

John Obasohan – President
Osakue Ukponrefe – Secretary
Bobby Osagie – Treasurer

The registration process of the association was started at this time with the help of Fabian Jumbo and Mr. Jacob Aigbe completing the process.  The following members were instrumental in drafting the first association constitution:

Biggy Osagie (Chairman)
Fabian Jumbo
Lucky Aruogie.
The following members drafted the first bylaws:

Frank Amadasun (Chairman)
Maurice Adagbonyin
Biggy Osagie.

The first elected executive members are as follows:

Frank Amadasun – President
Jacob Aigbe – Vice- President
Osakue Ukponrefe – General Secretary
Bobby Osagie – Treasurer
Biggy Osagie – Financial Secretary
Courage Johnson – Social Secretary

Mr. John Obasohan swore in the rebirth president (Mr. Frank Amadasun,) and Mr. Frank Amadasun sworn in the rest of the rebirth executive members. Also, Mr. Frank Amadasun appointed Mr. Dennis Aigbekaen as the publicity secretary. Due the circumstances of some of the executive members, the following people were elected at the by-election:

Joe Ehizode – Social Secretary and later included in the publicity secretary duties.
Mcwen Ofeimu – Provost

The Rebirth elected executive are as following:

Mr. Frank Amadasun – President
Mr. Jacob Aigbe – Vice President
Mr. Maurice Adagbonyin – Provost and Acting Secretary
Mr. Joe Ehizode – Publicity and Social Secretary
Mr. Biggy Osagie – Financial Secretary
Mr. Bobby Osagie – Treasurer
Madam Comfort Ero as Assistant Secretary.

Some of the on going events/projects of the association were as follows:

    • Summer picnic and BBQ events
    • Anniversary of the launching of the association
    • AGM
    • End of year party event
    • Investment Account
    • Sick benefits
    • Death and Birth benefits
    • Marriage and bus pass benefits.
    • Helping members with letter of support
    • Jobs and resettlement for new members

At that time we had two standing committees:

1. The Benefit Committee: Gabriel Idemudia (Chairman), Roland Okomose and Oscar Oladeide Osagie

2. The Peace Committee: Alex Moses (Chairman), Joe Ehizode and Gabriel Idemudia.

The following are some of the committees established in our history as an association:

    • Anniversary Committee
    • Launching Committee
    • End of year party Committee
    • AGM Committee
    • Constitution and bylaw Committee
    • Election Committee
    • Recognition Committee
    • Membership Drive Committee
    • Constitution and Bylaw review Committee
    • History Committee